Think like a Man: The Shy Guy's Guide to Approaching a Woman

The modern world of dating has drastically changed over time and a first date with dinner and a movie may no longer satisfy the experience of getting to know someone, let alone get a second date. If there’s one thing that hasn't changed though, it’s the mystery of approaching a woman and finding the magic words that will spark her interest and lead to something more than just a conversation. If only every woman were the same and there was an exact phrase that just instantly made her interested in you. Not to mention, the completely nerve racking experience of actually approaching them and finding the courage to even talk to them.

I even consider myself to be an extrovert and still sometimes find it difficult to overcome the butterflies of talking to a woman just in fear of one simple thought. “What if she doesn't like me”? Can you imagine how someone who considers themselves to be an introvert would be feeling in this situation. I’d say this is absolutely a common feeling that every guy contemplates when stacking up the confidence to talk to an attractive woman, but some may find it more difficult than others. With the easy access to the internet and social media these days, you can’t blame a guy for Googling the common question “How do I talk to girls”? or “How do approach a woman and strike up a conversation with a woman that I don’t even know”? And sure enough, when you click search, you get 20 pages of listings with different methods on approaching and casually talking to women with the hope that these tips will lead to her giving you her phone number and even agreeing to going out on a date. Let’s face it, we weren't all given a silver tongue with the ability to impress everyone with our words, so there is no absolutely no shame in doing a little research for how to make a challenge such as approaching a woman just a little bit easier. Dating shouldn't be overwhelming and uncomfortable, but it should definitely be fun and natural.

 The most difficult part about approaching a woman is simply walking up to her and just introducing yourself. There’s no need for cheesy pick-up lines like “Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only ten I see” or “How much does a polar bear weigh? Enough to break the ice, hi I’m Henry”. If you do, then you’re odds of having a genuine conversation with this woman are slim and none. So if you’re looking how to actually approach a woman you’re interested in, maybe try dressing up a little bit and show her that you’re making an effort and giving her a nice compliment. You can try typing the question into you’re favorite search engine for more tips to make your experience fun and easy, but the most important thing to remember after you have introduced yourself is to just be who you are because if you’re being somebody else just to impress her and if she can’t appreciate you for who you are, the it’s probably no going to lead to a lasting relationship anyway.

Researching these questions can not only stimulate one’s confidence, but also help him to become more acclimated to having a casual conversation with a woman so that it becomes a flowing and natural feeling instead of experiencing a pounding heart rate where he finds it incredibly hard to breathe. There is absolutely no shame and doing a little research for how to approach a woman. If you had a test to take at school or you were presenting about a topic you were unfamiliar about in a meeting, you would probably research those topics so that you could understand them better. Everybody gets nervous once in a while, fortunately there are tips out there that make it so that you don’t have to be.


Henry West

Executive Dating Recruiter 

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