Why Internet Dating and Why This Site?

Why bother with the internet to try and find love?

After all won’t we just inevitably bump into the love of our life in the line at the local store or coffee shop? Won’t our eyes meet across a crowded room? Or maybe our best friend will finally realise that we ARE in fact the love of their life?  Mmmmm...and maybe we might just win the lottery next week too!

The trouble is that although all of the above are perfectly valid and tried and tested ways to finding love-and there are plenty of movie scripts that are created out of all of those scenarios-the fact is that real life doesn’t always happen quite like that.

When I was single and  really struggling with the way my life had turned out, a good friend asked me how I thought I was ever going to find anyone to go out with if I spent all day seated at my kitchen table? It was a good point, and although I probably didn’t react very positively at the time-he was right! There comes a time in our lives when those romantic mishaps just don’t happen-and it’s not something that you can force or plan in any way. Either you will just bump into your life partner or you won’t-but instead of sitting there and watching endless episodes of Sex in the City in the hope that your Mr (or Miss) Big will walk into your life-get out there and start living a little!

Everyone in your life will have an opinion on your foray into finding love on line-the best advice I can give you is to research the whole process so that YOU are happy with your decision. Remember-this new chapter in your life is about you-not your friends and family who are probably already part of a couple and have long forgotten about what the single life is all about!

The way that we meet people has changed immeasurably over the last few years, and we are now firmly in an age where the internet is seen as the accepted, obvious and almost essential tool when it comes to managing many aspects of our lives. Of course meeting people through cyber space does not suit everyone, but if you haven’t yet tried it-read on and take a really good look at makeitagreatdate.com because the personalized match making approach really makes a lot of sense.

We apply for jobs and finance on line, we shop on line, research products, send emails instead of letters and greetings cards and even look forward to our daily horoscope and news bulletins pinging into our inboxes. We also work and study online, chat to friends on Skype and rely heavily on our internet connections for our smart phone, ipads and laptops to make sure we keep in touch with the rest of the world.

We are in an age of information overload, and the communication superhighway that is the internet is an obvious, modern and relatively natural progression when it comes to dating and meeting new people.

Using the internet to attract new people into our lives is both convenient and fun. We can surf and research to find the right site for us, read articles and information about the experiences that other people have had on dating websites and ultimately make a choice of dating site and upload and update our profile.



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