Five date ideas that are a little off the beaten path.

If you are excited about your first date, demonstrate that you care by being a little creative. 

Dating has too often become just another thing we have to do. When that happens, you are not conveying your true self and you are unlikely to really get to know the person you meet. Rather than booking 20 minutes for coffee after the gym but before dinner, try one of these ideas. A great first date allows you to get to know each other but also offers enough distraction to keep both of you from becoming self-conscious.

1. Visit the Seattle Aquarium. The aquarium is in a cool part of town, offers great stuff to view, and allows you to talk while you meander around. It’s big enough to be interesting but not so large that your date will drag on if you don’t get along. You can feel romantic in the dark corridors and get a blast of fresh air looking down from the outside. If things go well, there are plenty of restaurants and shops in the area to continue the date. Looking at beautiful, cute, or straight-up weird creatures makes conversation easier.

2. Check out the Olympic Sculpture Park. It’s a beautiful place in Seattle and you and your date will have plenty to talk about, whether you’re admiring the view or doing amateur art critiques. Being outside provides a sense of adventure. The park isn’t overly large so your date needn’t last too long if you are not having a good time. You can get some good insights into your date’s character by how he or she handles art and weather.

3. Go bowling at Lucky Strike. If you’re on the east side and want a fun but informal first date, check out the lanes. The activity of bowling is distracting, so you’re less likely to get nervous. You can also see how cool your date is about winning or losing. If they get uptight about the venue or their score, maybe they’re not the right one. On the other hand, this type of active, goofy date can make you bond more quickly with someone if it goes well. Lucky Strike is in downtown Bellevue and surrounded by restaurants if you want to move on to dinner after your game(s) are finished.

4. Take a ferry and have lunch. This date may be more of a time commitment than you want to make on your first outing together, but it can be really great if you and your companion get along well. Take the ferry to Vashon Island or Bremerton and have lunch there. If you’re convinced you two are going to have an amazing time, you can try more far-flung destinations. There is something freeing about getting out on the water. Get coffee and then stand at the front of the boat in the wind.

5. Explore the Frye Art Museum. The Frye is a small but lovely museum in Seattle’s First Hill neighborhood and admission is free. The Frye has a variety of permanent works and rotating shows. It is spare and elegant in design and moderately sized. Your date and you can enjoy and discuss the art and if things are going well, enjoy lunch or coffee in the excellent café attached to the museum. The Frye is within strolling distance of a number of restaurants, should your date progress to drinks or dinner.



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