Communicating in Cyberspace ... and Beyond!

Internet dating is a whole new way of reaching new people and communicating with them.

While we are all very comfortable firing off emails to friends, work colleagues and business associates, ‘talking’ with potential dates is quite different and requires a different approach.Some email conversations that I have had with people I have met on line have been fascinating, articulate and extremely amusing. Others have been difficult, stilted, dull and lacked any kind of engagement or inspiration. These are the conversations that left me cold with no desire to respond or reply. However, not everyone has the skills required to write a great email or contact message and while you may want to ignore them, delete them and forget they ever existed, you must remember that there are rules to the game of internet dating and if you don’t play by them you will find yourself in trouble!For example if someone was talking to you in a bar, you wouldn’t just turn and walk away from them if they bored you would you? There is no reason to do this online either-good manners cost nothing and you wouldn’t like it if someone ignored you so try and be kind and considerate. Just because the person who has chosen to contact you may not be the kind of person you were hoping to meet, it takes a few seconds to send a quick reply saying thanks but no thanks.As in every other area of your life, remember that there are rules when it comes to email. First of all DON’T SHOUT!!! There is no need to write an entire email message in capital letters. It’s rude and unnecessary. Reply to emails as soon as you are able, or put an out of office note on to say that you are not online all the time and will get back to people as soon as you can. If you are communicating through a website’s contact system then put a note on your profile to the same effect.Try to resist the temptation to cut and paste a thanks but no thanks message onto an email. You may come unstuck if you make a little mistake and people will know what you have done. If you really don’t want to stay in touch with someone then just be honest. It’s much kinder than ignoring them or leading them on.Sending attachments can cause problems for some people’s email clients, so if you have got to the stage of using your person email, just check first especially if you are sending big files.Once again, unless you are totally comfortable with it don’t send intimate photos of yourself via email. They can end up anywhere. Much better to wait until you meet in person before you get up close and personal!

Sarah Edwards
Freelance journalist, writer, PR/media consultant and broadcaster



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