The Differences Between Online Dating and Matchmaking

If you’ve flipped through the pages of a lifestyle magazine or searched dating on the internet, you’ve probably run across the concept of a matchmaker and wondered – What exactly does a matchmaker do?

If you’ve flipped through the pages of a lifestyle magazine or searched dating on the internet, you’ve probably run across the concept of a matchmaker and wondered – What exactly does a matchmaker do? Can’t I figure out my love life by myself? Is this a better option than a dating website? Ordinary dating sites work for many people. The primary difference between them and matchmaking services is that the latter uses the intervention of an experienced third party to assist you with your search for a partner.

What about all the questions you answer on sites that are supposed to match people? Well, if as a 26-year-old lawyer you’ve ever been “matched” with a 60-year-old logger because you both enjoy weightlifting, you have probably realized this method is not always effective. However, if you don’t mind spending the time, the matches this method generates can work. The volume of potential dates is a major difference between online dating and matchmaking. You can review and choose from and be paired with hundreds and hundreds of people on many online dating sites. For some people, this is the huge appeal of dating sites. When would you ever meet this many different people in the regular world? It’s not possible.

For some, however, the numbers are overwhelming. Merely narrowing down by age or important interests still leaves you with too many choices. This leads a lot of people to give up on online dating because it is just too hard to find someone. Using online dating, you read profiles, you look at photos, you chat, then perhaps you go on a date. And then you figure out if that was all worth it and you want to see them again. A matchmaker will reduce volume drastically. A good matchmaker interviews clients extensively using proven methods before they set two people up on a date. This doesn’t mean you list your hobbies and the matchmaker puts two pieces of paper together on his desk before sending a couple out. It means he uses some combination of tests, questionnaires, interviews, and instinct to try to really get a good idea of a good pair and then introduces the two to each other.

There is no license for matchmaking but a good one will have had considerable dating experience herself, use a consistent method of evaluation with a basis in science and/or psychology, and will be available and enthusiastic throughout all phases of client dating. You might also consider whether she is actually in a good relationship. If you opt to do online dating, you have to screen for yourself. After a certain number of dates, you may have a system in place yourself. You won’t have a third party view though. The decisions you make about what type of person you want to meet are based on your own equations and experiences. For many, that’s just a given, it’s the only way they would ever date. For others, another perspective can open their eyes to misjudgments they made or make.

Another difference between online dating and matchmaking is that clients are generally screened before set up in a matchmaking situation. In contrast, there is not much of a guarantee in the online world. Obviously, people can falsify information they give a matchmaker, but there should be a much more elaborate screening device in place. For this reason, online dating sites tend to be much more dangerous than is going through a matchmaking process.

Lastly, matchmaking is almost certainly going to be more expensive than online dating. Though some sites charge a fee, the amount a matchmaker charges is, realistically, going to be substantially more. By the same token, you get far more for your service – in most cases, an interview, some type of background screening, personal administration of dating, possibly emergency dating advice, and a set amount of set-ups.



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