What Are You Looking For and Who Would You Like To Meet?

In the course of our daily lives we meet people.

Whether it is bumping into friends at the school gate while dropping the kids off at school, meeting up in the community as we go about our daily errands, or making new contacts through work or study, as a general rule we will have contact with people for a large part of our week.However, touching base and catching up with people we are familiar with is one thing-meeting new people whom we know nothing about-is quite another!As a single person in an ideal world you would be introduced to potential dates by friends, family or work colleagues. Maybe a friend of a friend or a brother or sister of a friend. The reality is this doesn’t work for everyone and that is why the internet dating business is clearly booming! The people we surround ourselves with in our daily lives are people who have an empathy with us, who know us, understand us and have shared interests or opinions. We feel comfortable with them and enjoy their company and most importantly-we trust them. Trust has to be gained over time and takes investment on the part of both friends in order for a relationship to flourish.When we meet new colleagues at work, or fellow students at college or university there is already come common ground, when we meet strangers from the internet, no matter what they MAY have told you in an email or on the phone, it is possible that you won’t necessarily have any immediate common ground-apart from the fact that you are both searching for love online.Now is the time to really think carefully about the kind of person you would like to meet and the qualities that are important to you. Single people who I have spoken to have given me mixed responses to the question about the kind of person they are looking for. Some were adamant that good looks, success and lots of money were not that important, while for others-that was THE most important factor.We are all different and want different things from life, work and our relationships and meeting new people is exciting and interesting. However, if you are not clear with yourself about the kind of new people you would like to attract into your life, you may find that your dates are hard work and more of a chore than a pleasure!



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