Where to Go on Your First Date

You want to impress your date the first time you go out with them, but think carefully about what activities you choose when going on your first date.

Your first date should focus on getting to know the other person, not on how exciting the activity you’re doing is. While going to a concert or movie might be a good date after you get to know each other, they may not be the best choices on your first date. Focus instead on activities where you can really get to know each other and where you’ll have plenty of opportunities for conversation.

When choosing where you’ll meet your first date, think about the noise level that you’ll encounter. Sharing a movie might seem like a good idea, but you won’t have much of an opportunity to talk. First dates should focus on getting to know the other person--their likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies. Plays, movies, operas and concerts--these dates might be impressive, but they won’t give you an opportunity to really talk and get to know each other.

Coffee, an intimate lunch or dinner might seem somewhat cliche, but they really are a great environment for being able to talk, which is all important on your first date. You’ll make much more of an impression by being able to show off your conversational skills by taking your date somewhere where you can both sit down and talk.

Of course, you don’t have to take your date on one of these classic dates to have ample time to converse. Think about meeting your date in other locations that might not be as common, but can still give you the opportunity to talk while taking the pressure off sitting across the table from each other. Before you choose an activity, try to find out what type of activities your date enjoys. Finding out if they prefer indoor or outdoor activities will give you a better idea of what to plan.

Some less common outdoor activities to consider:

Golfing - Even if you and your date have never golfed before, you can head to the driving range and have fun trying to hit balls in a non-threatening environment while still having an opportunity to talk.
Hiking - Enjoy a local trail while enjoying conversation. You’ll want to make sure your date is alright with physical activity before planning a hike.
Take a Tour - Book a local tour in your city and pretend to be a tourist for a day. You and your date might learn a thing or two about your city and you’ll have plenty of time for talking.
Go to the Zoo - Walk through the zoo and enjoy talking about the animals while getting to know your date. Even non-outdoorsy types can enjoy a trip to the zoo.

Here are some indoor activities you can think about for non-outdoor types:

Galleries - Go to a local gallery or art museum and look at the displays of art. You can discuss what you like and don’t like and get to know your date better.
Go Bowling - Have a fun, non-competitive game of bowling and have plenty of time for conversation with your date.
Go Roller Skating - You’ll want to make sure your date knows how to skate or is willing to give it a try before planning to go to the roller rink. You’ll have the opportunity to talk while doing something you may not have done since you were a kid.

Your first date is your first chance to make an impression on your date. Make sure you choose something to do that will give you both the opportunity to have fun together and have plenty of opportunity for talk.



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