The Seduction Playlist

Music can instantly change the mood of any encounter.

Listen to the following songs and consider playing them for a potential, current, or former partner.  
1.  The Cure "Close to Me."  Can't quite find the words to tell your friend you think of them as more than that?  Put this song on when you are in the car together and see if they get the message.  The lyrics do not spell out exactly what you might want but no one listening to Robert Smith's breathy, anguished lyrics could fail to start thinking differently about a friend.

2.  Sam Cooke "Bring It on Home to Me."  Mr. Cooke's gorgeous voice combines with intensely romantic lyrics to make a convincing argument for an old girlfriend or boyfriend to return.  If you regret a break-up, play this song to your once and future partner.  Redolent with forgiveness and passion, this song might just change his mind.  
3.  Hot Chocolate "You Sexy Thing."  You're already dating and you want to show her how she makes you feel?  Check out this catchy, upbeat song about one man's good fortune.  Get her in a great mood for dancing around the house or ... whatever.  This song describes the feeling we have when we actually find that one person who is just right.  
4.  The Beatles "In My Life."  Without discounting the past, this song makes it clear that the person to whom it is sung is the best thing ever.  John and Paul describe "people and things that went before" and conclude that he is peerless.  Use this gentle song to show your appreciation for your husband or long-term boyfriend.  

5.  Bright Eyes "The First Day of My Life."  This song captures the feeling you have about a great love - the idea that life started when you met them.  Singer Conor Oberst's muted, confessional voice acknowledges that passion is both unlikely and overwhelmingly possible with the right person.  
6.  Bob Dylan "Lay, Lady, Lay."  Dylan's raw voice describes how seemingly mismatched lovers can come together.  If you want to convince her to stay the night for the first time, put this on your record player, turn the lights down, and smile.  The juxtaposition of the working man and his lady make the lyrics particularly poignant for people who come from different backgrounds.
7.  Frank Ocean "Dust."  With a hypnotic beat and his suppressed but sweltering voice going at it, this song sounds like it was meant to be played in the dark.  Throw this single on for someone you know well or want to get to know well.  Fatalism seems romantic when it's expressed through Ocean's beat and lyrics. 
8.  The Pogues "Tuesday Morning."  If you can't stop thinking about the last time you saw your new partner, play this song on and jump around the room.  Then do it again when they appear.  The dramatic lyrics and Shane MacGowan's husky voice contrast with upbeat music for a memorable testimonial to longing.  
9.  The Fugees "Killing Me Softly."  Some might prefer the Roberta Flack original, but this version has better beats and Lauryn Hill's voice seduces as much as it praises.  Classic anthem to the man we all wish we could meet.  Turn this on low to tell him what he means to you. Then show him.
10.  Stevie Nicks with Don Henley "Leather and Lace."  Yes, you might think this is a little silly, but in the right frame of mind, this duet transcends by virtue of the artists' sincerity and the fact that their voices complement each other perfectly.  If you find yourself in an opposites attract situation, listen to this and go with it.



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