What does your date see first?

What's the first thing you notice about another person?

The general consensus is that the eyes and smile are the the most striking features.  So if you want to be noticed, first of all, don't be afraid to use your assets.  For both men and women - smile at your date as soon as you meet.  If you feel awkward, then practice.  It might sound silly, but it will feel more natural as you do it more.  Smile at your barista, your co-workers, people on the street!  Bonus - many maintain that the mere action of smiling improves your mood.  
If you are not smiling because you don't like your teeth, think about changing them.  This is a slightly sensitive topic, because you want to be comfortable with who you are, but if you really don't like something, consider fixing it.  A chipped tooth or yellowing incisors can be unappealing and are pretty easy to remedy with a trip to the dentist.  This is not the equivalent of plastic surgery.  On the other hand, if you like your unconventional smile, flaunt it!  
Women have a little advantage over men when it comes to options for playing up the eyes and lips.  If you can, accentuate your eyes with shadow and mascara and your mouth with a flattering shade of lipstick.  The best make-up job will retain the natural allure of these features while making them appear more vibrant and attractive.  If you want, you can even try colored contacts for a fun pop of color.  And men can certainly take care of their lips - dry and cracked doesn't look good on anyone, so use the Carmex or Chapstick even if you are super low-maintenance.  
When you are on a date, eye contact can serve to make you more attractive - and you will get more out of your date.  It shows you are interested in the other person and by making good eye contact, you actually do get more involved with the other people.  
Use your smile and your eyes to convey your personality to others!



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