The Sexiest Professions

So, where do you work?

This is a question we all ask of a date, usually sooner rather than later. We believe that how you earn your living says a lot about you. And just hearing someone does the jobs below for a living makes you want to date them before you’ve even met. Modern life is all about the desk job, which makes the following jobs all the more appealing – they call to something in us that is just a little primal. What about these jobs appeals to us?

1. Fireman. They’re fit, they save lives, they rescue kittens from trees. What’s not to love? He runs into burning buildings to make sure your neighbor survives. And he looks awfully good in that helmet. Unlike policemen, firemen are seen as only being there to help. How to meet them? Hang out by the fire station or maybe volunteer yourself!

2. Yoga instructors. Flexible, zenlike, and in touch with themselves = sexy. She can bend like a pretzel and somehow makes a living doing something she loves. If your’e on the receiving end, yoga creates a great mood and makes you feel good about your body. Taking a yoga class is an obvious and easy way to meet instructors or enthusiasts.

3. Handymen. He’s just sweaty and dirty enough, wields a hammer with panache, and can build you a deck in days. And those hands … One way to meet someone who works with in this field is by having work done on your home. Just don’t re-do the cabinets three times a month.

4. Athletes. From Michael Phelps and Lindsay Vonn to that triathlete down the street, great athletes are seriously built, sexily focused, and have great endurance. Plus they pump up their endorphins, so they must be in a great mood, right? Join a running club or a gym to get to know amateur athletes in your area.

5. Doctors. She can sew up your cuts, is intelligent, and makes a good living. Doctors often combine idealism with practicality and that can be very alluring. They are involved with patients and active. And just when you thought hospital cafeterias were depressing – you can use your time there to chat up a cute surgeon.

6. Lifeguards. Tanned and toned, they keep beaches safe for children and pull drowning victims out of the ocean. No, they don’t make much money, but aren’t they fun? Lifeguards have that hero vibe to many. Meet one by taking a lifeguarding course or hanging out at the beach.

7. Bartender. Everyone looks better after a few drinks, and this man is creating yours! Bartenders often serve as confidants and sources of advice for people bemoaning their relationships or the lack thereof. And your bartender is always there at the end of the evening.

8. Ranger. He can hike for miles, identify every animal or plant you see, and helps lost campers find their way back home. A good ranger is fit, environmentally inclined, and super active. Get to know the rangers by hanging out at local parks and recreation areas – they are always out and about in the woods.

9. Architect. An architect rides the line of being both artistic and practical. She is logical and great at math, but she also sees visions of beauty in an empty lot. You can enjoy her creativity without having to worry whether she can contribute to the rent.

10. Soldier. Who doesn’t look good in a military uniform? Soldiers are fit, tough, and ready for action. They can survive for weeks in the wilderness, address you as ma’am, and are hardcore loyal to their fellow servicemembers. Hang around in towns with military bases and you are sure to run across many.



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