A quick search on Google reveals 51,400,000 results for online dating-and that’s just in the USA!

What was once a bit of a guilty secret that we kept hidden from our friends, families and work colleagues is now a very socially acceptable, safe and easy way to meet people, and consequently we are awash with options to help us find love in cyber space.

Recent research statistics show that something like 40 million people in the US have tried internet dating and the number of internet dating websites launching each week in this country is testament to the fact that this phenomenon is here to stay. is part of this huge dating scene that is growing every day, and offers a unique personalized match making service, that helps to take some of the guess work out of finding love on line.

With so many of us living life in the fast lane, finding love online could seem like the best, easiest and quickest way to meet new people. We live in a high tech age of instant and constant access to information, and the way we want to meet people and have relationships is also starting to change.

Internet dating is easy, quick and the choice of different websites is enormous. However, before you hand over your hard earned cash to some dot com entrepreneur and get carried away with promises of finding your soul mate or love of your life on line, there are a few things that you need to consider. Internet dating can be a fun, refreshing and fascinating way to meet new people, but it can also be disappointing, upsetting and awkward. We hope this guide will help you date safely, have fun and know when things are not working out and when to move on.

Internet dating might be something that you have always wanted to try but you have never been quite brave enough to fill in your profile and start searching. It is now a tried and tested method of meeting Mr or Miss Right and many couples who have met in cyber space have gone on to have fully functional relationships, get married and have a family. There are thousands of success stories out there!

Of course with every good news story there comes a flurry of cautionary tales from people who have not had positive experiences and regret having ever signed up to a dating website in the first place. The key to successful internet dating is to treat each and every date as just that-a date. It is unlikely that the first person who shows any interest in you is likely to be the love of your life.

Long and drawn out email or online chats are all very well, but all the experts agree that we know if we like someone new within a few minutes or even seconds of being in their company.

Dragging out the first date will not necessarily mean you know each other really well before you meet-the harsh reality is that you probably won’t know each other at all as we can be whoever we choose on the internet.

Keeping people hanging on for weeks and weeks and making promises of forthcoming dates gives people false hope and is not a good practice. Instead, if someone catches your eye and they respond to your initial approach, it is far better to be brave, take that first step and meet up quite quickly rather than to string them along in case someone better pops into you inbox.

This series of features has been written by a seasoned internet dater. Over a period of ten years, Sarah Edwards had more than 80 internet dates and now offers advice, help and tips to cover the good, the bad and the ugly faces of internet dating, and the minefield of searching for love in cyberspace!

We become single for various reasons and chances are that if you ask a group of people why they are single they will all give a different account of the situations and circumstances of life that bought them to this point.

It is important to point out at this stage that there is NOTHING wrong with being single. Not having a partner or children or being part of a traditional nuclear family does not make you some kind of social outcast. Indeed many people prefer their own company to that of other people, some have careers that are so demanding that they simply would not support a relationship and others have just never found the ‘right’ person.

However, we are often extremely adept at convincing ourselves and others that we are really quite happy and content being single and that we fail to see the attraction of sharing our lives with anyone else. Seasoned singletons are masters of disguise and able to persuade just about anyone that we have accepted our lot in life and that being single is FAR better than being in a relationship for a myriad of reasons-some emotional, some physical and more often than not-some financial.

This series of features has been written to help anyone who is thinking of ditching the single life and is hoping to meet their soul mate, life partner or future spouse by internet dating. It is worth noting here that as with all methods of meeting new people, internet dating is not necessarily a one size fits all approach to hooking up with the love of your life.

However, it can be a lot of fun, makes for very interesting dates and, as I found myself, can really help you work out exactly what it is you want from a relationship as well as those things that you really don’t!

I was extremely surprised by the relationship that I finally found and internet dating certainly showed me the right way and wrong way to try and attract Mr Right into my life. I hope that you enjoy your internet dating journey as much as I did and that eventually you find exactly who you are looking for!



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