Picking Your Stereotype Companion in Seattle

Every city has its share of stereotypes; those stock characters that make up the nation’s view of a particular region in the U.S. For instance, Washington, D.C. is full of political, suit-wearing socialites and Los Angeles is where all of the organic junkies unwind at the beach.

Seattle is no exception to its own brand of stereotypes that arguably hold some truth when you consider the social, economic, and cultural makeup of the city. We have to wonder how those city stereotypes, of Seattle in particular, affect the dating lives of the city population. If Seattle really is made up of grunge musicians, coffee-sipping hipsters, bicycle yuppies, and techie geniuses, it is likely that many of you will have encountered them on a date, or have that to look forward to in the future. In order to offer you some insight into the stereotypical landscape of the Seattle dating pool, we have devised some helpful tips for going on dates with, or entering into relationships with, these stock characters.


The Grunge Musician


This person has been around for a couple of decades. Heralded in by the soaring rise of grunge music out of the basements and bars of Seattle in the early ‘90s, this character is still roaming the streets in plaid shirts and unwashed hair. There is nothing wrong with an artistic type. They are usually great sources for in-depth and eye-opening discussions. Also, this person is great for the casual lifestyle. If you enjoy hanging out with friends and sticking to a low-key routine, you’re in luck. If you happen to find yourself on a date with a hybrid of this stereotype, like a grunge musician with a job, consider yourself lucky! You get the best of both worlds: a creative partner who can also be practical and driven, and maybe if you’re really lucky they don’t live with their parents anymore.


The Coffee-Sipping Hipster


This character is exploding with cultural knowledge and mad skills on the French Press. Appreciate the finer things in life. Enjoy all of the aromas, good books, great philosophical inquiries and unique fashions of the world. Sure, this type may have a reputation for pretention, but don’t judge their fervor for pursuing a higher value in life too harshly. This stereotype is great for those of you interested in escaping the drone existence of a nine-to-five life. If you are seeking a deeper appreciation for all that your city has to offer, the coffee-sipping hipster is a great source for a cultural detour. Also, the coffee is on the house!


The Bicycle Yuppy


Get active with this person. Jump on your bicycle and just enjoy the wind passing through your hair. It can be easy to be swallowed up in city life, but there is something so freeing about enjoying a bicycle ride through Seattle. Sure, it may be a little painful conditioning your limbs and muscles to catch up with this health nut, but think of how incredibly lean you will look after just a month of intensive dating. Just remember, cycling isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle and the likelihood that you will break this cyclical pattern in a partner, if it isn’t your thing, is slim. Just focus on the positives. This individual is probably a pretty passionate person who believes in living life to the height of enjoyment. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from this person.


The Techie Genius


This is an age of Apple and Skype, Facebook and YouTube. Anything with which we wish to connect is only a click, push, or voice detect away from instant delivery. The techie genius knows the benefits of technology and staying current. They will not only make sure your computer programs are always up-to-date, but they will also be sources for challenging you. A partner who pushes you to grow and learn is one that can be hard to find. Enjoy their passion and attention to details, because it means they probably won’t be forgetting your birthday. If you aren’t sold on the benefits of this Seattle stereotype, think about the great discount you will get on the next version of the iPhone.



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