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Make It A Great Date "HOW IT WORKS" Inspired by true love
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Many relationships do not last because one or both partners repeat patterns that failed them in the past.  At Make It A Great Date, Mayumi and Aaron will step in as coaches to make this dating experience different for you.  As coaches, we will guide you through the dating process, ensuring you make good decisions that result in finding a lasting love.  Together, we will set goals and align your single life in a way that makes it more likely you will find a fulfilling future with the right partner.  To do this, you will learn to define your needs, wants, and goals as they apply to a relationship.  We will coach you toward taking the necessary action to reach relationship goals you might have only dreamt were possible.

 Our approach is deceptively simple, but is one that singles often find they cannot do without assistance.  We will help you define what you truly want and need in a partner and in a date.  We will help you explore new places and ways to meet people.  We will teach you how to ask for or accept a date with confidence.  We will help streamline your life to make more time for dating or fine-tune dating etiquette and communication skills to increase the likelihood that one date will turn into a second.

 As your dating coaches, Mayumi and Aaron will help you set solid goals that are in line with your personal values; they will help you find focus and create momentum in your dating life; and will share in your progress and success. 

We love W. L. Bateman's Quote "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got." It is our job to put clients on the right track to get what they really want. We know that Finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with is the most important decision you will ever make. That being said, building a good relationship with your matchmakers is essential in your success at finding true love.

Our clients could get all the dates they want, but to find that Special Someone takes time and work. Mayumi and Aaron do that work, finding and sorting out possibilities, checking out their backgrounds so you can just have fun. Mayumi and Aaron first talk to each one about the other so that there are no surprises, just a great date.

We watch out for your best interest so you never feel alone.


  • Free internet online dating
  • In the privacy of your home you can go online and find potential men or women you would like to meet or chat with
  • Have the opportunity to view their profile and pictures
  • Private Email
  • Find out more intimate details prior to going on a date

We built an online dating service with local people in mind.
Adding specific questions about our area and having the owners be at arm’s length.

  • It's Free
  • No Ads


Meet men and women within your local community venues. Make It A Great Date will have MIX UP get together's so that you have the opportunity to meet and chat with your potential matches. Appetizers and beverages will be available as you might be coming from work
The owners of Make It A Great Date will be at the function interacting with the guests

Not only do we arrange the venue to meet at, but we will make the best effort to have mixers that take into account other people with similar interests or people you specifically indicated that you would be interested in meeting.


We have designed a system where our clients can attend local intimate venues where men and women are able to get together in a controlled environment to meet. Mayumi or Aaron will be at every event as to add the personalized touch of what a local Mix Up will be. We will also be available to talk to everyone and be the liaison between you and your future true love.